Recipe: The Lemon Meringue Pie

Whey - Lemon Meringue PieYesterday evening’s sauerkraut-making session somehow managed to transition into making a martini, but still in collaboration with beneficial bacteria! The main ingredient in this cocktail is organic whey, the tart tasting, lactobacilli -rich element of yoghurt or kefir.



Most people associate the word ‘whey’ only with mental images of Little Miss Muffet or powdered protein isolates, although literature/history lovers may also have heard of reference to whey houses (like bars or cafes) in the 18th century, when the beverage was held in high regard as a more wholesome alternative to milk.  A reference in the diary of Samuel Pepys states “My uncle drinks the whey here, as I do, ever since I understood it was brought to his bedside every morning at six, by a very pretty dairy-maid.” What I like about whey is that it is possible to benefit from the calcium and the bacteria, without needing to consume too much dairy.

This previous post explains how to make whey from yoghurt.

Today whey is coming back on trend, Whey Bar, attached to award winning Oregon restaurant, Ox, has Whey of the Gun as the star of its cocktail menu. Meanwhile Broken Shed premium vodka is free of both chemical additives and refined sugars, whilst being distilled from highest quality New Zealand whey.  They like to call it ‘milk honey’ and say it gives the spirit its silky smooth texture. Farm Curious cheese makers provided the inspiration to play with the Lemon Meringue Pie.

Whey - Lemon Meringue PieThe Lemon Meringue Pie

50ml organic whey
20ml limoncello
5ml vodka
Squeeze of fresh lemon

Serve on ice with a delicate slice of lemon.


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