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berries-400x400Feedback from recent Nutritional Therapy clients….

“I can’t recommend Katie enough! She has helped me immensely, and done so in the kindest, most considerate and professional of ways too. I came to her with gut problems that had plagued me for years and she helped me get back on track, which is such a relief. She has helped me understand my health issues better, and identified what I can do about it in an all encompassing way. What I really liked and thought was most effective is how she took the time to understand me and cater the treatment to my circumstances. Her approach was wholesome, ranging from dietary choices, to supplements, tests via NHS and privately, to states of mind, and with lots of little useful tips. She is also great at explaining complex information with simple words. With that understanding I was able to make the most out of the treatment. She was also full of useful additional resources and always available if I had any questions. What I liked the most is how personal and thorough her approach is. She doesn’t leave a stone unturned, and is always aware of the most recent developments in research concerning my gut issues, I was very impressed and pleased!

I really cannot recommend working with Katie enough. She helped get me get my health back on track, taught me a lot in the process and was one of the warmest and most professional health professional I have ever worked with!” – Tessa

“I was sceptical about the difference nutritional therapy could actually make to my life.  I felt I was someone who knew about health and had a fairly healthy diet…how wrong I was! Nutritional sessions with Katie were empowering and enlightening! Katie’s passion for nutrition was infectious and she shared the latest research with me in a fun, light and accessible way. She expertly and pragmatically identified areas of weakness in my lifestyle and dietary habits and showed me in small simple steps (with fun little tips thrown in) how to make significant changes which I was able to easily see through!

Katie has warmth & tenacity along with a generous, adventurous, intelligent, uplifting and refreshing attitude towards nutrition. This made her feel like a life coach as well as nutritionist! I loved every second of my consultations and felt in such competent hands! She goes out of her way to support her clients and is a real gem. Everyone should meet Katie. She offers really effective inspiration, insight & knowledge that I take with me” – Emma

“Thank you for the interesting link, I will forward it to my colleagues.  It was good to see you again and I found the session really helpful.  I’m still taking your advice. The new norm has kicked in and I have noticed more stable energy levels.”  – Ben

“I saw Katie for 9 months and had four sessions over that time, in relation to a number of longstanding health issues. I have found the sessions enormously helpful, both for these particular problems and for my health and wellbeing in general. Katie has been meticulous in getting to the nitty-gritty of all my ailments. She offers an astonishing level of commitment and her enthusiasm and encouragement have been truly uplifting for me. Katie’s advice will, I feel sure, alter my eating habits for the rest of my life; she is full of inspiring suggestions for foods and recipes, along with general tips. I really could not recommend her more highly to anyone in search of making improvements to their health through diet and nutritional supplementation. Thank you Katie.” – Angelica

“I found my sessions with Katie Clare comprehensive and enlightening, and I left them armed with lots of practical, personal advice. I would definitely recommend her to
anyone looking to improve their sense of well-being, especially vegetarians looking to ensure they eat a balanced diet” – Helen

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the help that you have given me over the last few months, without it I may not have discovered FODMAPs or indeed that I had a fructose malabsorption issue. Whilst I am still experiencing symptoms, they have significantly diminished and I now have a much better understanding of what is going on in my body, so thank you. I will reflect on our discussions, and your motivation, going forward and will keep reading and trying to educate myself.  Please do keep me informed of any future courses etc that you might be running. I still want to learn about fermented foods!” – Melissa

“I had been having a tough time with bloating for several months and it had really started to get me down. Someone recommended Katie to me and I am glad they did. She was very understanding and sensitive to my frame of mind at the time and talked me through how the session would go and how we would tackle the issue. We spoke of my dietary habits and general health and analysed them one at a time. She made suggestions of how I could alter my diet, what further tests might be useful as well recommending useful supplements. She researched information which was specific to my case and catered her suggestions to my needs. Not only has my bloating issue almost disappeared, but my eating habits have also improved. I would highly recommend Katie.” – Stephanie

“I can only recommend Katie! She has been great with me and always picked me up where I was – whether it was sessions via Skype because I do not travel well or working around a sometimes tight budget and my unwillingness to spend more time in the kitchen. She made use of what knowledge I already had from having read up on alternative health care for several years and we went on this journey of cutting edge approaches that sometimes meant that Katie had to put in extra time to learn and inquire about the latest tests, too, which she was always happy to do. I learnt a lot about myself, my body and my health problems, and about nutrition and food in general. I much appreciate the personal relationship that developed, knowing that there was always someone there to help me through questions and situations as they popped up, which was invaluable support. I know I’m leading a healthier life now thanks to Katie.” – Petra

“I’ve worked with Katie for over nine months, having four sessions in that time. As someone with bi-polar she has helped me become more stable and I have far less insomnia. Through diet tips as well as exercising I have lost 17kg in weight over this time.
Thanks for all the help!  – Nick

“Thank you for today. I plan to book another session in about six months so will see you again.  I really enjoy our sessions.  I enjoy them because you listen and your advice is really useful. For example today for the first time ever I had porridge with oat milk and sunflower and pumkin seeds. For lunch I have made myself an omelette, I would have never done that before.  I didn’t know how to change my eating until I came to see you.”
– Sarah

Thank you so much as always for your amazing thoroughness and interest in my problems.  I feel so boring, to be droning on about my many longstanding health issues!  It’s wonderful the way you help me to prioritise and make sense of them.  Thanks for the recipes too, they look great.”  – Amanda

“My sessions with Katie Clare were very productive. She is clear and thorough in her approach and made sure that I fully understood all the information given. It was clear that she had a good understanding of my autoimmune issues and gave me clear practical advise of the steps needing to be taken to benefit my healing.   She has both a professional and personable approach, which left me feeling fully supported in the life changes suggested.” – Michelle

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“I thought I’d let you know that I feel really, really well now for the first time in nearly two years!  I have used the information I learnt from you regarding optimal thyroid hormone levels to speak to my GP about the difference between normal and optimal.  I now feel ‘normal’.  Thank you for your input as I was struggling to get to grips with my health.  I still use the nutritional principles you gave me.” – Maria

“Bless you, you are very caring.  With your intuitive self, you understood everything correctly.  Finding someone who on a tough day will tell you the type of things you would tell yourself on a better day is ideal – so thank you!!  Some people make the world a better place just by being in it and you are one of them.” – Shahj





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  1. Richard says:

    I’ve always found Katie’s advice very helpful and she has helped me tackle some of my more ongoing problems that I’ve suffered with for many years. She is very professional and cares a lot about her work and delivering an excellent service to her clients.

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