Recipe: Raspberry Coconut Kefir Ice Cream

Raspberry Coconut Kefir Ice Cream, fermented foods, beneficial bacteria, kefir cultures, probiotics, vitamixI am über pleased with this recipe! Dairy-free kefir combined with low GI, antioxidant and phytonutrient-rich berries. Amazing ingredients! Plus the tart berries combined with the sour notes of the cultured coconut milk take this ice cream to the next level.  It doesn’t need any sweetener!

The method below is for a Vitamix, but you can use fresh raspberries and churn the mixture in an ice cream maker.

Serves 3-4

1/4 cup cashew nuts
1 x 126g Rhythm coconut kefir, original
125ml coconut milk
200g frozen raspberries (or blueberries)*

*If you are concerned about raspberry pips in the texture then use fresh raspberries; mash them first and put through a sieve before freezing them.  Or you could use blueberries.  Personally I don’t mind the pips!

Boil a kettle and pour water onto the cashews to blanch them.  Set to one side, allow them to soak while they cool.  This helps to break down the fibre and creates a smoother finish.  Leave for two hours.

Drain the cashew nuts. Blend them with the coconut milk and the coconut kefir.  Then place the liquid in the fridge with a couple of ice cubes in to become as cold as possible.  You could do this before making and serving the main meal.

Get everything ready; serving bowls, any toppings, plus a container that can go in the freezer to store any excess.  It is important to move fast once the berries come out of the freezer.

Pour the coconut and cashew milk into the vitamix.  Quickly add the frozen berries and turn it on and up to 10, then high.  Use the tamper to push the berries into the blades.  Serve immediately.

You can freeze any excess but it is likely to become quite hard and icy.  Best eaten freshly made!Raspberry Coconut Kefir Ice Cream, fermented foods, beneficial bacteria, kefir cultures, probiotics, vitamix


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