Are you converting enough beta-carotene to vitamin A?

Vit A blocksVitamin A (retinol) is an essential nutrient that we need to get from our diets.  It is needed for good eye health and much more.  In fact it is named retinol because so much is found in the retina of the eye.  For a long time nutritional science has stated that the human body can convert a brightly coloured pigment, called beta carotene (found in fruits and vegetables) into retinol and it has been considered a Vitamin A precursor.  So why is this conversion suddenly a hot topic in nutrition?

As a vegan organisation inSpiral were concerned about current research that highlights beta carotene may not be providing all the vitamin A that a person requires. 45% of people are thought to have a genetic variation preventing this conversion from efficiently taking place.  inSpiral asked me to investigate this hot topic for their readers.

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