Recipe: Raspberry Coconut Kefir Ice Cream

Raspberry Coconut Kefir Ice Cream, fermented foods, beneficial bacteria, kefir cultures, probiotics, vitamixI am über pleased with this recipe! Dairy-free kefir combined with low GI, antioxidant and phytonutrient-rich berries. Amazing ingredients! Plus the tart berries combined with the sour notes of the cultured coconut milk take this ice cream to the next level.  It doesn’t need any sweetener!

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Recipe: Traditional Sauerkraut

sauerkraut, fermented relishes, beneficial bacteria, dill, juniper, whey, cabbageHow do I make sauerkraut?  I am asked this quite a lot.  Probably because I am always recommending that everyone eats it! Sauerkraut is German for ‘soured cabbage’.  The beneficial bacteria in this relish do turn the plain green vegetable into an interesting, slightly sour, tangy flavour.  It’s amazing!  Everybody wants to make raw sauerkraut these days, so lets get started!

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Recipe: Coco Olive Spread

Coco Olive Spread, healthy fats and oils, coconut oil, recipe, olive oil, nutrition, margarine, trans fatsThe low-fat era is over!  We now know that the type of fat we eat is more important than how much fat we eat.  One place where my clients often get stuck is that they like the convenience of margarine, being able to spread it straight from the fridge. Ingeniously Coco Olive Spread solves this problem, and it is so easy to make too ….

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‘Beauty & the Feast’ at Selfridges Food Hall

Selfridges food hall, nutritional therapy, beauty and the feast, beauty project, gluten free, I spent the spring at Selfridges Food Hall this year. In May and June Selfridges celebrated all definitions of beauty with one of their largest campaign of the year, The Beauty Project.  In the Food Hall the celebrations continued with Beauty and the Feast.  I enlisted a team of Nutritional Therapists for the event, providing edible solutions for customer’s well-being ambitions.

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Detoxification – The Role of Sulphur & Methionine (Protein)

detoxification, biotransformation, liver phase I and liver phase II, sulphur, methionine, The recent international Detox Summit highlighted the dramatic increases in the amount of toxins residing in our environment and advised us to fully optimise our internal detoxification pathways in order to handle this as efficiently as we possibly can. Detoxification has become not merely a weekend activity, but a way of life in the modern world.

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Sicilian Tomato Fish Soup

fish soup, protein, nutrition, FODMAPs, gut healthA warming fish soup, unusual and aromatic with added fennel and grated sweet potato. Perfect for batch cooking, double up and have two pots on the go at once.  This then makes 12 portions that can then be frozen, taken to work in a flask or defrost as needed.

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Organic Crops vs Conventional – New ‘British Journal of Nutrition’ Study

British Journal of nutrition fsa 2009 pie reviewed organic vs non newcastle university antioxidants heavy metalsThe most extensive analysis ever of nutrient content in organic vs conventionally-produced foods has just been published in the British Journal of Nutrition.  It shows that organic crops are much higher in antioxidants and lower in toxic heavy metals. Read More

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Genetics: Are You Converting Enough Beta Carotene to Vitamin A?

genetics vitamin A retinol conversion thyroid digestion, bcom1 geneThe vegan organisation, inSpiral, recently asked me to write an article for them on the genetic variation that results in up to 55% of people not being able to efficiently convert beta carotene to vitamin A!   Vitamin A is needed for healthy skin and hair, digestion and immunity, as well as for good eye health and vision. Beta carotene is found in many brightly coloured fruits and vegetables but vitamin A (retinol) is found only in animal products such as fish, eggs, liver and dairy.   Read more

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Chia Seed & Spice Muffins

photo-13This yummy recipe is low FODMAP diet friendly and makes a hearty afternoon pick-me up treat.  If you can go the extra step to freshly grind your own cinnamon you will really notice the difference.  I’m very interested in the Low FODMAP approach because of the links between asthma and gut health.

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Fermented Foods Class at Nutrition College

Fermented Foods - blueOn Tuesday 20th May I will be teaching Fermented Foods (2) as part of the programme, ‘Cooking for Health’, run by the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), in London.  The session will cover the techniques, processes and everything else that you need to know, to safely ferment foods at home for their beneficial bacteria content.

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FED UP – Movie Trailer

originalI can’t wait to see this film!  So many leading voices in cutting-edge nutrition, speaking together about issues that really matter.

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Nutrigenomics: Where nutrition meets genetics

DNA-200x300Why is Nutrigenomics such an exciting and emerging health topic? Because we all have slightly different genetic variations – and these can change the extent to which different foods or nutrients can be helpful or harmful to us as individuals. These gene variations change our susceptibility to different diseases and can make certain dietary changes dramatically more important for one person than another.

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Is there an autoimmune element to osteoarthritis and does nutritional therapy have a role to play?

imagesI wrote this blog article for my aunties and uncles after listening to the Cyrex Laboratories UK launch day  talks.  Cyrex is a clinical laboratory specializing in immunology and autoimmunity, working with world leaders in those fields.  I thought the older members of my family might be interested to know that new research is looking into an auto-immune element to the cause of osteo-arthritis, the most common type of joint disease.

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5 minute animation – The Invisible Universe

13-050BenArthurAnimationI love this little animation, The Invisible Universe, by artist Benjamin Arthur.  It’s the perfect bedtime story, telling you the tale of your microbiome, all the little bacteria and other microbes living inside you, and the many ways that it benefits your health.

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Recipe: Bone broth (quick and easy version)

20140212-225712.jpgIn nearly every nutrition seminar I have been to recently ‘bone broth’ or stock is being recommended for its nutritional properties, to help with healing of the gut lining and many other conditions.  This hot drink / base for soups is rich in gelatine, a good source of the amino acids, glycine and proline, as well as many other constituents, such as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) that are said to be nourishing for our body tissues such as collagen, connective tissue and cartilage.

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