Cream Dream Smoothie

20130517-203354.jpgThis is one of my favourite smoothie recipes. It is creamy but not too sweet and so is perfect for mornings.  It can also easily be modified, by adding raw cacao, turning it into a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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Article on ‘fermentation for anti-ageing’ in the Spring issue of ION magazine

ionION Magazine is the subscription magazine for the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, published four times a year.  I was invited to write a piece on the anti-ageing benefits of fermented foods for the Spring 2013 edition.

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Omega 3 for vegans and those not eating fish

algae-pageI was recently asked to write an article for the vegan, raw foods company, inSpiral, about the importance of an EPA and DHA supplement for vegans.  They wanted to get across the key message that omega 3 is an umbrella term covering many essential fatty acids, but that these acids are not all of equal importance to our health.

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Colostrum for intestinal permeability (leaky gut)

Fraumilch brown 11_07This week I listened to a radio interview on ‘Underground Wellness’ with Dr Tom O’ Bryan, a specialist in gluten sensitivity, about the subject of colostrum.  I was intrigued by this topic as I have been hearing a lot about its effectiveness in situations of intestinal permeability or ‘leaky gut’.  I wanted to learn more and found the show fascinating.

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Kimchi – Spicy Korean Sauerkraut

photo 3Kimchi is a spicy sauerkraut, made with Chinese cabbage. It is one of the national dishes of Korea.  Great for giving winter protein-rich breakfasts a hot, gingery kick!

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The power of digestive enzymes

Recently I decided to do a home experiment to
test out the efficacy of supplemental digestive
enzymes in breaking down the food we eat…

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What role does FOS play in maintaining healthy gut flora?

FOS is an abbreviation for Fructooligosaccharide, it is a soluble fibre or a prebiotic.  Its name means that it is a compound containing between two and ten simple sugars (or monosaccharides), which in this case are fructose molecules.

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Festival of Life – September 2012

My colleague, Alek, and I were recently invited to do a demonstration and talk on Fermenting Foods for Optimal Digestion at the vegan inspired Festival of Life in London.

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Recipe – Tomato Ketchup (fermented)

The word ‘ketchup’ comes from the old Indonesian ‘Ketjap’ which is a fermented sauce. This tasty condiment is a favourite with kids of all ages.

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Recipe – Tomato Pepper Relish (fermented)

Lactic acid created by the lactobacilli help with digestion by breaking down the foods. This process makes a relish such as this an ideal condiment to add to any meal.

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New research into a sourdough suitable for coeliac disease and the history of bread making

A recent clinical study looked at the benefits of using sourdough containing lactobacilli and fungal enzymes to hydrolyse (break down) the protein gluten, found in wheat flour products, into its component amino acids.  These baked goods were then able to be eaten by the patients who suffered with coeliac disease for the full 60 days without causing any toxicity or symptoms.

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Community ovens

“There must be an old memory, of bread baked on the hearth with fire, that people can’t seem to let go of, even after half a century or more of sliced bread in plastic bags.”  I was therefore over the moon to find posts about communal ovens popping up again all across the Western world.

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Practical Basics and Tips for Fermenting

Making ferments is all about encouraging the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria.  This is achieved by getting the vegetables submerged under liquid, under their own juices and away from the air supply.  Thus preventing the growth of moulds and of oxygen dependent bacteria (the bacteria that we don’t want).  Create the right environment and the lactobacilli will do all the work.

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What is fermentation? What are the health benefits?

Fermentation is an ancient process, preceding human history.  It also occurs in the cells of our bodies.  It is the transformative action of microorganisms (bacteria or yeasts) as well as the enzymes they produce.  People have long studied and played with the technique which is both a science and an art.  Ferments, like the condiments below, are a collaboration with microbes; we manipulate the environmental conditions to select the bacteria we want to thrive, then sit back while they do all the work.  We add the flavours and the finishing touches to make unique eatables.  A culinary symbiosis of bacteria and man!

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Recipe – Gingered Carrots (fermented)

These are a fantastic introduction to fermented vegetables as carrots are a vegetable we know and love so well.  This makes a tangy, juicy and versatile condiment which is great with meats, eggs, crackers, salads, dhal and curries.

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