Food fermentation classes at the College of Naturopathic Medicine

logo_CNM1This year in January, May and October my colleague, Aleksandra, and I will be teaching a class on ‘Food Fermentation’, for beneficial bacteria, as part of the six week evening programme, ‘Cooking for Health’, run by the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), in London.

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Recipe: Clementine cake

20131224-203059.jpgThe sweet taste of success….
Holly Redman, a former lecturer of mine, has been busy fundraising £30 000 through Kickstarter to open a gluten free and paleo-friendly restaurant in London. She met her target in the last few days and thanked everybody who pledged money with a recipe for clementine cake.  It’s really delicious, definitely too good to keep all to myself….

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Recipe – Flaxseed crackers (made in the oven)

flax-seedFlaxseed crackers are a really amazing creation.  They are gluten free, contain a good amount of protein and are full of fibre.  They contain ALA, which is a type of omega 3, and as flaxseed is low in available carbohydrates they will also have a low glycemic index.  What else could you wish for in a cracker?

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‘camexpo’ newsletter features my article: Are you converting enough beta carotene to Vitamin A?

364d0c3546293366a94c72d5a36c0cfc‘camexpo’ is a yearly two day event at London’s Earls Court / Olympia complex.  It is a dedicated to the complementary, natural and integrated healthcare sector in the UK and is attended by thousands of practitioners, therapists and students alongside over 200 suppliers and brands.

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Autumn issue of Funky Raw Magazine features my article on inefficient conversion of beta carotene to Vitamin A

Funky-Raw-Issue-29-Autumn-13The ‘Funky Raw’ Magazine is a quarterly publication focusing on the raw food movement.  It features articles on nutrition, raw recipes, wild foods, consciousness, poetry, permaculture, event and potluck listings and lots more.  It can be delivered to your door.

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Green tea tasting party

photo 3Great afternoon fun!  A green tea tasting party with friends.  But which would be the winning blend?

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Recipe – Shea & cacao butter melts; almost good enough to eat!

Katie Clare's shea & cacao MeltsThese nourishing ‘Melts’ are great to put into a hot bath, in order to moisturise your skin, or to use as a mini massage bar.  They make beautiful little gifts – ideal for Christmas or birthdays.

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‘Nourishing your Day’ – fun, informative, relaxed, evening sessions in November

urlA set of relaxed, evening gatherings focusing on optimising nutrition throughout the day.  Learn more about:
– arising with a shine
– enhancing digestion
– coping with afternoon energy dips
– sleeping peacefully at night (or partying holistically)

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Start your Autumnal mornings with a warm inner glow.

donnafood-2-of-4Nutritional Therapy low-cost graduate clinic starts again in October.  The days are drawing in and Autumn is now upon us. It is the perfect time to also move your focus within; to consider how to nourish your body for the colder seasons ahead.

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Are you converting enough beta-carotene to vitamin A?

Vit A blocksVitamin A (retinol) is an essential nutrient that we need to get from our diets.  It is needed for good eye health and much more.  In fact it is named retinol because so much is found in the retina of the eye.  For a long time nutritional science has stated that the human body can convert a brightly coloured pigment, called beta carotene (found in fruits and vegetables) into retinol and it has been considered a Vitamin A precursor.  So why is this conversion suddenly a hot topic in nutrition?

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Fermented foods talk at The College of Naturopathic Medicine

logo_CNM1I will be giving a talk on ‘Food Fermentation and Beneficial Bacteria’ on Tuesday 6th August at the College of Naturopathic Medicine’s (CNM) Open Day.

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Why celebrating summer solstice is important for our wellbeing

_68303485_53055069This morning I listened to a beautiful speech by sociologist Tom Shakespeare on BBC Radio 4; A point of View speaking about summer solstice, the lack of symbolism in Britain and our need for more festivals.

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Is counting calories an outdated concept?

large_overweightman_THUMB-NAIL060312Is counting calories an outdated concept? Many experts seem to think so and are now focusing their calculations on the amount of carbohydrates, particularly sugars, consumed; rather than fats or calories.

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Blood Sugar Balancing Demo at Neal’s Yard Remedies

Low-Blood-Sugar-1Do you want to learn more about your blood sugar levels, coping with sweet cravings, healthy snacks and low GI foods?  I’ll be at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Islington this Wednesday 5th June from 3 – 7pm; available to talk to you and answer any questions. Plus I will be serving up yummy samples of healthy snacks.  See you there!

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Ruby Red Smoothie

20130518-152756.jpgOk so I admit it – this post was really just a chance to play with my iPhone WordPress App, but it is still a good smoothie; sharp and fresh with raspberry and mint, to give your morning some zing-a ling!

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